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How the Strategic Development of Industry Helped Win WWII

On September 1, 1939, the Nazi threat turned to aggression and 1.5 million German troops, six panzer and four motorized divisions, and 1600 state-of-the-art aircraft swarmed into Poland.

At that time America, watching from across the Atlantic, realized that the German industrial complex was producing 4,000 aircraft per month. The United States production of aircraft was only 3,500… per year!

In a bold stroke of Presidential leadership, President Roosevelt announced a national goal of 50,000 aircraft per year, a quota which seemed impossible at the time, considering that only 46,000 planes had been produced in total in the two decades following the end of World War I. By the end of the war the U.S. aircraft industry was producing 8,000 airplanes per month!

Dramatic production improvement like that never happens by accident. In fact, the Harvard Business School set up a crash course called the War Training Program to facilitate the war effort.That program has morphed into the Advanced Management Program today. It is now nine weeks long and costs over $40,000.

Fortunately for the average small businessman, there is a less expensive alternative. In 2004, Leadership Management International,Inc. (LMI: http://www.lmi-world) was named the top management consulting franchise in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine.For almost 50 years LMI has partnered with thousands of clients in the Strategic Development(SD) of their organizations, enhancing their performance by unlocking untapped potential that exists in every organization. The means by which this potential is unlocked is through the Strategic Development Process.

What is Strategic Development (SD)? SD is an integrated process which develops all of the potential that exists within your organization using the concept of “What Matters Most”. SD integrates awareness and analysis with strategic planning, leadership development, employee development and results management systems. When integrated, these best practices create an ongoing process within the organization that leads to enhanced performance.

While many firms concentrate on only one of these practices, LMI has learned to integrate them in a way that creates a multiplier effect. Building from a solid foundation that starts with the top leadership team, then driving performance around strategic initiatives throughout the organization through proven developmental processes and results management systems.

If you expect ROI, planning and development cannot exist in a vacuum. Planning without some form of communication and implementation process results in a plan that is not fully executed and lacks commitment from those who will have responsibility for its implementation.

Development without planning can also be self-defeating, if it is not directed toward “What Matters Most” to your organization. By integrating both, we have the ability to enhance the execution of your strategic plan and ensure that your organizations development is directed toward organizational goals, which will result in significant ROI.

Enhancing execution requires behavior change. One thing we have learned through the years is that for results to be enhanced , behaviors must change. We accomplish this through developmental processes that change behaviors, teach solid management and productivity skills, and transform the organization into a results-based, goal oriented culture that is focused on execution of “What matters Most” to your organization.

(To arrange for a CEO briefing on 1)how to implement a Leadership Campus in your company and 2)increase ROI for your company, contact Duke Runyan, “The Leadership Guru Guy” at: leadershipguruguy@gmail.com/ 850-232-2951)


About The Leadership Guru Guy: Duke Runyan

A former Marine, Teacher, Investment Banker,and US Senate Candidate, now in his "Harvest Years",working on his Bucket List. "That should keep me busy for ANOTHER 70 years ; I am passionate about 'Saving the World'." ~Duke Runyan


4 thoughts on “How the Strategic Development of Industry Helped Win WWII

  1. As a Social Media manager and a business coach. I use this type of development for our client you need to know where you want to go so you can a develop plan to can there.. A dear friend who was in our arm forces durning war times. Share what he call the praxes approach with was that their goal was to hold map lines. Even though many live were lost. Because they didn’t lose the map line so they won. If you need you business to start winning let us help you develop your own praxes approach to business or social media.

    All the best blessing,

    Posted by CoachDenise | June 6, 2011, 3:46 pm
  2. Good to see you the other day….Interesting article..give me a call one day for coffee at McDonalds…8508323014

    Posted by Rick Dye | June 18, 2011, 1:45 am
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